Working Procedure

Promise Less Deliver More

AEGIS JURIST ADVOCATES was established with the aim of providing quality legal services under one roof in timely and cost effective manner to clients with highly professional attitude. We believe in giving output through our collective and disciplined organizational approach.

SIGNIFICANCE OF EVERY MATTER: Every matter carries the utmost importance for us and therefore all enquiries are dealt in our office at Delhi by our senior associates and once the issue is discussed properly, the same is assigned to our associate who is most efficient as well as experienced in concerned matter. Network of our associates includes advocates, who had been a reliable and tested practice in diverse range of matters.

CLIENT'S SECRECY: We highly recognize the importance of client’s secrecy. Hence we have strictly prohibited our associates from taking any assignments out of our office and they are required to complete assignments within office premises.

COST EFFECTIVENESS: We further recognize that in this era of globalization and stifling competition our clients need cost cutting especially in services sector. Hence, we try to develop cost effective ideas for them.

ACHIEVABLE PROMISE: Last but not least, we strongly believe on the quote “Promise less, deliver more” meaning thereby one should promise according to their capabilities and fulfill that instead of making promise beyond capabilities and then lingering the matter.

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